Advancing California Floriculture

The Kee Kitayama Research Foundation (KKRF), founded in 1992 to provide growers with information and solutions from sound floriculture research.

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Our Mission

To fund research and education that provides growers with solutions for the advancement of California’s floriculture production.

The Kee Kitayama Research Foundation was established in 1992 to conduct research and educational programs for California's cut flower and potted plant industry. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation formed to enable the industry to accomplish as a group what individual firms cannot do alone. The Foundation was named in honor of Kee Kitayama of Kitayama Brothers and a founder of the California Cut Flower Commission.

Foundation Goals

 Enhance the market position of California floriculture growers


Develop and execute grower-directed research and education programs


 Support grower relations efforts to achieve grower involvement on behalf of California floriculture


Grant Application

KKRF is focused on solving problems and identifying solutions for California's floriculture industry. 

  • Our Grant Process

    Each spring, the Kee Kitayama Research Foundation welcomes university proposals for research projects with the greatest potential to benefit the California ornamental industry, including cut flowers, cut greens, nurseries, ornamental bedding plants and the like. Specifically, the foundation looks for research into improving the efficacy and lowering the cost of pest or disease control, new or novel sustainable methods of controlling thrips, new or emerging pests, new or emerging crop protection materials, and water quality, conservation and use efficiency.

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